88 MEC specializes in converting traditionally harmful procedures and processes into environmentally-friendly solutions.

88MEC is a chemical manufacturing company, who focuses on creating greener alternatives to traditionally environmentally harsh products. We manufacture a wide range of environmentally acceptable cleaning detergents and industrial products, for the use in a wide variety of industries, including Mining, Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Medical, Restaurant and Hotel, as well for Farming and Agriculture.

We manufacture and distribute the highest quality, evironmentally friendly products and services .
We strive to cause NO harm to the environment, humans, animals, plant and aquatic life.
We use our business model to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis we all are facing.
Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Our company's foundation is built on our values which guide our actions.

88MEC has developed soil rehabilitation products and services, focusing on the industrial and mining sector, where we specialise in the remediation and rehabilitation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil. We’re currently permanent contractors on various mining sites, where we manage tailor made in-situ remediation projects, adding value by creating employment opportunities in local communities, as well as saving the client money, and essentially having a more positive impact on the environment.

88MEC History

88MEC History

We are your trusted manufacturing & engineering partner

Our Vision: To be the leading provider of sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions in South Africa and beyond.